Yes, by combining 'Reinvestment' and 'Auto-Withdrawal' settings you can re-invest only the principal component of the payments you receive and draw an income to your nominated bank account.

Enable reinvestment of principal amounts paid

Login to your RateSetter account, then click 'Reinvestment settings' in the left hand menu. Enable reinvestment of principal from the relevant lending market to the lending market of your choice. Interest will accumulate in your holding account as it is paid.

Automatically withdraw the balance of your holding account

Next, enable the 'Auto-withdrawal' feature to automatically withdraw the accumulated interest in your holding account to your nominated bank account at a frequency of your choice. Login to your RateSetter account, click 'Withdraw funds' in the left hand menu, then choose 'Auto-withdrawal' and follow the prompts. Please note that you will need to have made a successful withdrawal before being able to use the auto-withdrawal feature.